Friday, October 31, 2008


dan pusing
dan pusing
mampukah aku???
ps:i'm trying hard 2 accept the fact..*sigh*

tag by kak jet tempayan~~

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
Each player answers the questions about themselves
At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts
their names,
then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment,
letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play
and read your blog

Starting time : 7.37 pm (while waiting 4 mak 2 come n fetch me)

Name : Nisa Asilah Ahmad
Sisters : 3
Brothers : 1
Shoe size : 5/6
Height : 150cm
Where do you live : Kuala Lumpur
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : wahaha.....syiok2.....
Fallen asleep at school : selalu je...
Broken someone’s heart : ntah la....
Fell off your chair : hmmmm....
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : penah…few days after that baru dia call..
Saved e-mails : always...
What is your room like : kosong....
What’s right beside you: my pillow...
What is the last thing you ate : nasi lauk ikan keli kat bob's corner..
Chicken pox : yes..
Sore throat : always....
Stitches : never...
Broken nose : never also
Do you Believe in love at first sight : nope...penah rasa n it was only temporary....
Like picnics : i loike!!!!
Who was/were…The last person you danced with : never....tarian bukit tau la...tapi gerak2 kaki je...
Last made you smile : a bit tense 2day...
You last yelled at : nope..

Today did you…
Talk to someone you like : hehehe......
Kissed anyone : huhuhu...miss u so much~~~~
Get sick : i'm sick already~~(fever+sick of looking at her+sick of doing ****....)
Talk to an ex : not at all
Miss someone : buncit..
Who do you really hate: jiran sebelah yg x beradab!!!
Do you like your hand-writing : mestila...cantik....
Are your toe nails painted : owhhh tidak sama sekali...
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : "our" bed~~ ;p
What color shirt are you wearing now : cream
Are you a friendly person : sangaaaaaaaattt..........
Do you have any pets : kucing + tortoise (RIP)
Do you sleep with the TV on : tengahari je…(sama mcm kak jet)
What are you doing right now : wat bodo je....
Can you handle the truth : at the moment i dun think so~~
Are you closer to your mother or father : dua2..
Do you eat healthy : mcd at 2am in the morning...what do u think???is that consider healthy??
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : nope
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : buncit
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud laa… takyah pakai mic.. (sama gak mcm kak jet...)
Are you confident : verryyyyy...

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
~form 1
~suke pegi kelas arab (sbb ustaz hensem)
~dok kat hostel
~belaja basuh baju sendiri
~belaja2 ngorat org...hahaha

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
~byr hutang
~pegi becuti
~pegi mkn2 kat tempat yg best2 n mahal
~further my study

5 of my bad habits
~kuat makan
~kuat tido

5 places I’ve lived/living
~setapak jaya
~shah alam

5 people I tag
~kakak bulat

finish time:7.58pm

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

totally blur~~

here goes....

i love to see ur smile,
i love to hear ur laugh,
i love the naturality of ur smell,
i love talking to u,
i love the way you are,
i love u,
i love u so much....
aku pusing~~~

Monday, October 27, 2008

i miss u.....*sigh*

and this is 4 u.......

No one ever saw me like you do

All the things that I could add up to

I never knew just what a smile was worth

But your eyes say everything without a single word

'Cause there's something in the way you look at me

It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece

You make me believe that there's

nothing in this world I can't be

I'd never know what you see

But there's something in the way you look at me

If I could freeze the moment in my mind

Be the second that you touch your lips to mine

I'd like to stop the clock make time stand still

'Cause baby this is just the way I always wanna feel

'Cause there's something in the way you look at me

It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece

You make me believe that there's

nothing in this world I can't be

I'd never know what you see

But there's something in the way you look at me

I don't know how or why

I feel different in your eyes

All I know is that it happens every time

'Cause there's something in the way you look at me

It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece

You make me believe that there's

nothing in this world I can't be

I'd never know what you see

But there's something in the way you look at me

The way you look at me

ps: i miss u more......

no words 2 describe *sigh*


bcoz i love.....

My top 10 fav food

1. spaghetti

2. nasi putih+ayam pedas

3. tomyam

4. roti jepun (beli kat jaya jusco, tapi skang dah x ada)

5. aiskrim

6. breakfast mcd

7. burger malaysia

8. cereals

9. ayam merah

10. chocolatesssss

--> owh sume food itu adalah tidak sihat

10 things I love doing

1. sleeping

2. swimming

3. chatting

4. blogging (this is my new hobby)

5. spending time with "hims"

6. celotehing

7. reading

8. travelling

9. camping

10. eaaaaatttttttttiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg........

5 types of guy that i adore

1. buncit @ huggable

2. tua...(konon2 sbb more matured than me... ;p)

3. romantic

4. manja2 n suka manja2kan saya...

5. banyak duittttt......(hehehehehe.......demi masa depan~~~)

5 things I love doing when I'm feeling down.

1. praying

2. talk 2 him

3. eating

4. sleeping

5. crying

5 things i love doing when i'm happy

1. eating

2. share with him n frens


4. sleeping

5. eating lagi byk2 kottt...

10 ways to win my heart

1. be urself

2. confidence

3. honest

4. accept me the way i am

5. never ask me 2 kuruskan badan...

6. love n support anything i do (the good one je la...)

7. tegur me if i do something wrong (tapi dgn cara berhemah...)

8. menghormati org tua

9. pandai wat jokes

10. banyak ckp mcm saya......

My top 5 most favourite junk foods.

1. aiskrim famous amous

2. cookies famous amous

3. mc flurry oreo

4. secret recipe cheese cake

5. burger malaysia

5 things I wish it could happen soon

1. get married

2. pregnant n have my own child

3. to have my own car

4. to have my own house

5. to have my own company

6. to have my own bookshop

7. to grad with flying colours....

8. to finish up my AE!!!!

-->argghhhh...sungguh ambitious!!

10 ridiculous things i wish to do before i die

(not supposed 2 be ridiculous but really2 want 2 do)

1. travel satu dunia

2. to have my own bookshop

3. to have my own family -->get married!! (mcm dah kemaruk sgt je.....)

4. to further study

5. to learn more about real life

6. melihat anak2 saya membesar

7. pegi haji

8. beramal sebnyk yg mungkin..

9. 2 be with him..

10. 2 be with him....

to tag:

kazem -->wat la

to sabriza: sy dah buat -->edit2 sket here n there...

practice makes perfect
but nobody's perfect
so why practice????


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

craving ^ - ^

ps: org malaysia mati sbb telebih mkn~~lalala....

chapter 23

jevanes + gogilan

the naughtiest boys in SSAAS

(they are taller than me~~ ;p)


miss them..

love them...

my first students in my life~~~


the female brain

this is basically a picture of female brain..

but the "trueness" of the description based on the individual...

4 me..

my "talk n talk" part should be bigger than that (based on the picture)

coz i mmg ckp banyaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkk......(mmg byk pon........................)

but now..
ada hobby baru..
menulis blog....mungkin juga sbb dah penat bercakap....

ps:seminit x cakap rasa mcm pelik~~


Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm sitting here,
Thinking of you,
Watching the sun rise,
Recall our sweet memories.....

People walked into my life,
People walked out my life,
I felt nothing,
Not even a single thing,
Because they were different than you.....

You light up my life,
You bright up my days,
You contempt my soul,
And make my life complete....

I will always remember the day you went away....
I sat beside you,
I talked to you,
I comforted you.

And I will always remember the time we spent together.....
We sing a song,
We walked down the garden paths,
We bought the same clothes,
We even drank from the same cups.....

The nothingness.....
The sadness....
Kept arousing me.
Was it a sign or something?
Why must you walked into my life, then leaving me alone all by myself.....

You give me hope, to meet you again.
Dream of seeing your face.....
But I know....
Dreams are hopeless,
Dreams are meaningless,
Dreams are useless, and this I know dreams are clueless....

Reality tells me the truth,
That I shall never ever meet you.....
If I could turn back the hands of time,
Then, that would be the first thing I'd do
coz apart of me is still with you....


testing 1, 2, 3...

at last... i have my own blog...
because all this while asyik baca org pnya jeee....
n i always wanted to have one.
tapi selalu mcm malas nak start n etc..
but today after kazem berjaya "mengconvincekan" diri ini...

here it is....